Citrix releases Citrix Presentation Server Client 10.200 for Windows

The download can be found here.

Apparently the update only consist of minor bugs. Still no mentioning of the Citrix streaming client being integrated in the Citrix Presentation Server Client. I guess when they will perform this upgrade they will make the jump to version 11. And (Apparently there have been a version 10.152 and 10.153 (!?). I must have been hibernating :-D.

I’m always a bit careful about mass updating a Citrix ICA client within a production environment. History shows there are always some kind of bugs within every client update. So for a little tip: "Always save a copy of the client version which you know all the bugs of!"


Henny Louwers


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I work as a IT Architect specialized in Workplaces, Application Delivery solutions with a special interest in Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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