Citrix Synergy 2008 is Revamped as the Premiere Event Where Virtualization, Networking and Application Delivery Meet

Citrix Synergy Combines Highly Regarded iForum User Conference with Application Delivery Content for Full Industry Conference


You can now also register for Technical Workshops on the Citrix Synergy Website, too bad there will be no Microsoft PowerShell Scripting within the Citrix MFCOM service, only VBScript en WSH.

I will be very interested in attending TW2 (Configuring Delivery Features within Citrix XenApp Platinum Application Streaming), TW8 (Integrating Citrix XenApp with Citrix Access Gateway, Enterprise Edition) and TW9 (Technical Best Practices for Integrating Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters with Citrix XenApp to Deliver the Dynamic Datacenter). Now I just need approval from my boss! 🙂

Henny Louwers

About Henny Louwers
I work as a Consultant specialized in Application Delivery, Virtualization of Servers, Desktops and Apps.

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