New Citrix ICA Client (11.2)

Citrix Released a new Citrix Client and guess what? They changed the name …


Why Citrix still works with version numbers I cannot understand, why do you need version numbers when your going to change the name anyway? 🙂

Now, Citrix has a ‘online’ and a ‘offline’ plug-in, which of course does make sense in regard of having streaming applications which you can use offline and published applications which you use on-line.

Where is the neighborhood?

After installing the Citrix Online Plug-in v11.2 I notice that the Program Neighborhood is no longer present in the client, only the client formerly know as Program Neighborhood Agent seems to be in the package. Citrix has announced this would happen:

It’s no big secret Citrix is wanting to get rid of the Citrix Program Neighborhood Client because of it’s lack of central management. With this action they are forcing customers to move to a Citrix Web Interface (XenApp Services) solution.

The new version is an executable in which you can extract the .MSI files with the /extract parameter.



You will see the following .MSI files after extraction:



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