Microsoft Beta Exam 71-685 Pro: Windows® 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician

Ok, so I attended this exam yesterday and think I did all right. I do not want to violate Microsoft’s Non Disclosure Agreement so if I’m telling you guys too much you will let me know right? 🙂

The exam consisted of 70 questions in which I think I had to guess about 22 of them. I like the number of questions on a Microsoft Beta exams. With Citrix Beta Exams can take up to 250 (!) questions. As if anyone knows what he/she is answering after question number 120. If there are that many questions on a beta exam, that means you can toss the last 150 questions out the window for sure.

Anyway, for this exam know all the new features of Microsoft Windows 7 like BitLocker, BranchCache, DirectAccess, AppLocker, Internet Explorer 8. This information and more on this exam can be found here.

I have scheduled Microsoft Beta Exam 71-686 Pro: Windows® 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator on October 14th.

Henny Louwers


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