Citrix Web Interface on NetScaler nCore

Just got confirmation that Web Interface on NetScaler will be generally available as of the second week of september. For this release it will only support Citrix NetScaler and more specifically only the nCore version.

For those of you that don’t know, this solution let’s you add a Citrix Web Interface module within the Citrix NetScaler. With this solution you will not need a seperate redundant Citrix Web interface solution anymore in the backend. With the implementation of a Highly Available Citrix NetScaler pair you’ll have a fully redundant Citrix infrastructure with less components.

I think this will also be a great solution for Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise, it’s too bad that this will not be supported at the GA release. I hope there will be support for the Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise soon.

You can download the “Web Interface on NetScaler 9.1.e nCore” Tech Preview Release on the Citrix Download site but you will have to install a specific NetScaler build (Build 99.8005.e) to support it. Citrix does not recommend installing this into a production environment!


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