Exam 1Y0-A15 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution

Yesterday I cleared exam “1Y0-A15 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution”, I only used the day before to prepare, using the 1Y0-A15 prep guide from the Citrix Training website. I had my mind set on reading the XenDesktop materials such as the Administrator guides on the Citrix eDocs site, I use all the other products extensively almost daily except for XenDesktop. So my focus for this exam was on XenDesktop.

I love the fact that ‘almost’ everything you need to know for a Citrix exam can be found in the Citrix Product Guides, I just don’t like reading from the eDocs site, it’s just not pleasant. You can’t bookmark anything. Can we just get the Citrix Administrator Guide back in PDF format? I know you can create PDF’s from the eDocs site but it creates a horrible PDF format.

So, I ditched the eDocs site 🙂 and start setting up my own XenDesktop environment on my Citrix XenServer @ Home. That is way more fun learning offcourse! Citrix PVS, coffee, DDC’s, coffee, WI’s, coffee, Windows XP VM’s, coffee, etc. I went all out.

About the exam.

I love the simulation part, except for the fact that you really can’t go wrong on these. It’s kind a like a one way street because items that you do’nt need to succesfully complete the simulation are disabled, for instance certain buttons are dead so you can’t actually go there. That means that you can only choose certain items that you know are correct. Citrix should enable all buttons in a simulation to create a full simulation.

After 7 simulation items there was a second part that consisted of 54 traditional questions (multiple-choice/drag and drop tasks/etc).

So, on more exam (1Y0-A16) to go to become Citrix CCIA for Virtualization. Very curious about exam 1Y0-A16.

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I work as a Consultant specialized in Application Delivery, Virtualization of Servers, Desktops and Apps.

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