OWA 2010 freezes in Citrix Access Gateway portal page

Within Citrix Access Gateway you can configure the E-mail tab to point to your Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access page so that your users can go to their webbased mail from within the Citrix Access Gateway portal page.

Officially Citrix does not support the integration of OWA 2010 within the Citrix portal page, and if I’m not mistaken OWA 2007 isn’t officialy supported either. Although you can get OWA 2007 to work within the Access Gateway portal page without much effort.

OWA 2010 is a little bit different, Microsoft changed the OWA backend to a heavier interface (Premium) in which there are more possibilities. OWA 2010 also still has the Light version (formerly known as Basic) for the older Web browsers like Internet Explorer 6.

Now when you configure OWA 2010 within the Citrix Access Gateway portal page and try to open it with IE7 or IE8 you will (probably) see that it freezes and you will have to close the browser because it is not responding.

What it does is, it tries to open the premium OWA 2010 interface because it sees the browser version as IE7 or IE8 capable. You can see your mailbox just for a brief moment if you look real fast, now, isn’t that frustrating Smile. There seems to be some kind of Javascript refresh somewhere in the code which Citrix Access Gateway doesn’t like. Funny detail is that the Premium version does work with Firefox (all versions) no problem! When you use IE6 it opens up the Light version and that works correct also, but you will have a tough time finding users that still actually use IE6.

The only resolution I have found this far is to force the OWA 2010 to Light View from within Exchange. You could make a separate OWA Virtual Directory for use with the Access Gateway. I think this is a very acceptable solution for a lot of customers since having the premium version within Citrix Access Gateway does not add that much value.

You can force the OWA Virtual Directory to Light View by executing the following PowerShell command:
Set-owavirtualdirectory –id:<id of virtual directory> -PremiumClientEnabled:$false

It is also possible to set the Light View per specific user:
Set-CasMailbox –id:<id of mailbox> -OWAPremiumClientEnabled:$false


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  1. Whenever I configure OWA 2010 within the Citrix Access Gateway portal page and try to open it with IE7 or IE8 i found the same problem as you mention in your post. In the end it is an informative most.


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