[BUG] “Unexpected Response” Access Gateway Enterprise in NetScaler build 9.3-53.5

If you are using Citrix Receiver on iOS or Android to access pulished applications on Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise (NetScaler) do not upgrade to the latest firmware which is 9.3-53.5.

Users will get an “Unexpected Response” on an iOS device when they try to login to a Citrix Access Gateway environment. On Android the error statement is “The Citrix Access Gateway you are connecting to is not configured for this device. Please contact your administrator.”

On the Citrix Forum there is a post where more users are reporting this issue: http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=297625

Citrix is aware of the issue and are working on it.

Update: Problem is resolved as of build 9.3-54.4 or newer.


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2 Responses to [BUG] “Unexpected Response” Access Gateway Enterprise in NetScaler build 9.3-53.5

  1. Fred says:

    Hello Henry,

    Citrix seems to have the “bug” in diffenrent versions of the 9.3 nc build. I’ve tried 57.5, which doesn’t even get past booting as a VPX on Hyper-V and 56.5 shows the “unexpected response” bug again. 54.4 seems to be working for most people though.
    I’ll try to verify other firmware versions between 54.4 and 56.5 as soon as I have some more time 🙂 Seems to be an on-off problem as far as can tell.




  2. Prabhu says:


    Not sure if you have this issue. But a manual setup in the login page solved my issue


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