Installing Citrix Branch Repeater into VMware Workstation

I hope I don’t need to explain that this is for testing/evaluating purposes only and is not at all supported by Citrix in any way.  You would have to be pretty creative to think of a network testing solution to get this working in a VMware Workstation setup. Basically you would need two of these VPX appliances and figure out how to flow the data between the two Citrix Branch Repeaters with on one end Citrix XenApp Servers or XenDesktop machines and some sort of client on the other.

But if you want get more acquainted with the Citrix Branch Repeater command line interface or the GUI this is a nice way of doing that.

In this guide I will only show how to get a working Citrix Branch Repeater VPX into VMware Workstation VM.

Materials used for this:
– Citrix Branch Repeater VPX 6.0.5;
– VMware OVF Tool 2.1.0;
– VMware Workstation 8;
– WinRAR.

Download Citrix Branch Repeater VPX 6.0.5 from the Citrix download section on, this requires an active MyCitrix login account.


The download will consist of a .ZIP file which will contain a .OVA file. Extract the .OVA file into a temporary directory. After that you can delete the .ZIP file if you like.



See how nicely it says “Open with VMware Workstation” but it doesn’t, it will give you the below error statement.


Instead rename the .OVA extension to .TAR and open the .TAR file with a compression tool like WinRAR.



Extract the files and delete the .TAR file if you like, you will not need it anymore.


Make sure you have the VMware OVF Tool installed (, you will need an active VMware account to download this tool. We will use the Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.ovf as input file so make sure you create a directory for the output files. In my example I will create a subfolder called “Citrix Branch Repeater VPX” for my output files.

Important: Rename the “Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.cert” to “Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.cer” and install it (DoubleClick => Install Certificate => Next => Next => Finish).

Use VMware OVF Tool to convert the OVF into a VMX. It is a command line tool and the syntax is as follows: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool.exe “C:\Users\HeLo\Desktop\CitrixBranchRepeaterVPX-RC-\Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.ovf” “C:\Users\HeLo\Desktop\CitrixBranchRepeaterVPX-RC-\Citrix Branch Repeater VPX\Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.vmx”

Remember to use quotes when you have spaces in your folder structure.


If you do not import the certificate the command line will present an error message as follows:
Error: Verification of Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.cert failed

Now we have a Citrix Branch Repeater VPX folder with a “Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.vmx”” file which we can add to VMware Workstation. Open VMware Workstation, File, Open, open the “Citrix Branch Repeater VPX.vmx” file.


Dependent of the VMware Workstation version you are using you can choose “Upgrade this virtual machine”, in my case I am using VMware Workstation 8. I upgraded the VM to a VMware Workstation 8 level.

Make sure the two network adapters attached are on different networks, or else you will have the known bridging loop problem of Citrix Branch Repeater. See the Citrix Branch Repeater User Guide for more information on avoiding bridging loop problems.

All right, let’s boot it up!


Logon using username admin, password password.

Set the Citrix Branch Repeater an IP-Address by issuing the following command:
set adapter apA –ip < IP-Address >

Set the Citrix Branch Repeater apA a Subnet mask by issuing the following command:
set adapter apA –subnet < subnet mask >

Set the Citrix Branch Repeater a Gateway IP-Address by issuing the following command
set adapter apA –gateway < IP-Address >

Initiate a reboot by entering the command: restart.

When the Citrix Branch Repeater is reboot you can logon through the browser, just enter the IP-Address you given the apA adapter earlier. Logon using username admin and password password.


Install a Citrix Branch Repeater license to enable Traffic Processing. No, I’m not going to help you get a license, you are on your own.



You can connect to the CLI using puTTY (or any other SSH tool you like), remember to first logon with the username “cli”.


Happy Easter everyone! Smile


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