Citrix NetScaler 10 is Calling Home

With the introduction of Citrix NetScaler 10 all kinds of brand new features are waiting to be explored, one of them is Citrix NetScaler Call Home. Call Home is actually a feature that needs to be enabled on the Citrix NetScaler just as we are used from other Citrix NetScaler features.

>enable feature ch

It was already possible to upload the data into manually, so this is pretty much the next step for automating this process. is still in beta.

Call Home is basically setup as follows:


Call Home requires that your Citrix NetScaler MPX appliance (VPX is not yet supported for this feature) is registered with Citrix Tech Support. When the problem cannot be resolved using the old methods, you can decide to push “Call Home” which will then upload all the data for troubleshooting to Citrix Tech Support ( and optionally create a support case. Off course you must have an active Technical Support Contract to make use of this feature. Not having an active Technical Support will result in a registration failure.



Check the status of your Call Home registration by issuing the following command:

>show callhome

The status of registration will be stored in memory.

Important: Call Home is not yet supported on the VPX platform. Although it is giving you all the signs that it’s there and can be enabled, it will say “ERROR: Operation not permitted” and in the /var/log/callhomedebug.log you will find the following entries:

Apr 11 16:28:28 <local2.debug> ns callhomed[375]: Callhomed invoked
Apr 11 16:28:28 <local2.debug> ns callhomed[375]: Callhome feature is currently not supported on VPX. Callhomed exiting…

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3 Responses to Citrix NetScaler 10 is Calling Home

  1. Prince says:

    Nice article.

    Maybe i am just paranoid, but I think it actually calls home in VPX 10.1. For instance, a copy was installed and licensed but had to be reinstalled. All i needed to do was ask the device to license with the host name and it got all those license back. Also, it says it has already been registered.

    I think Citrix is actually using this to ensure that licensing is not being circumvented.

    What say you?



    • Hi Prince,

      Well, for one Call Home still does not work within the VPX appliance. How did you ‘reinstall’ the VPX? Maybe the license file still was present on the VPX, you renaming it (or assigning the correct MAC address to it) made it active again?

      I’m just guessing here but as far as I know Call Home does not function on the VPX, neither on the 10.1 release. And again AFAIK Call Home only works in one direction, it uploads data to


      • Prince says:

        You may be right be right. I will continue to monitor it and will post here again if I get a concrete evidence.

        Thanks again.


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