[BUG] Citrix (Branch) Repeater reboots spontaneously

Deployed the newest Citrix Repeater firmware on to two Citrix Repeater 8540 series. Only one appliance gave the error statement “Internal consistency checking has detected an unexpected restart (1)” and initiated a dump. Transferred the diagnostic files to Citrix Support where they were analyzed which confirmed a bug (BUG0354515).


It seems to be caused by a uninitialized variable during Auto App Discovery within ICA.

In all honesty it happened only once, so I still mark the event as an incident. Citrix has confirmed the bug (BUG0354515) and it will be fixed in the next minor (6.2.0.xxx) or major (7.x) software release (they are not yet sure).


Update: Citrix Support has indicated that the bug will be fixed in release 6.2.1.


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3 Responses to [BUG] Citrix (Branch) Repeater reboots spontaneously

  1. Mark Jones says:

    HI Henny, I just experienced the same error on our 8540 running 6.2.1 Build 19.312987. Would you suggest I go to 7.x? Have you heard anything more regarding this bug, other then the apparent fix?


    • Hi Mark,

      I think I’d suggest opening up a Citrix Support Case since the issue I had should’ve been resolved by 6.2.1 or 7.0, so it could be a different issue.

      Of course you could go ahead and upgrade the appliances to (one of) the latest release(s), you can always easily go back to a previous version within the console.


  2. I have also same error and after reading your post i have easily solve this problem. Thank you for sharing such a informative post.


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