(1Y0-A36) Citrix Networking for Data Center Specialist Practicum – Passed

Passed the (1Y0-A36) Citrix Networking for Data Center Specialist Practicum exam which is needed for maintaining Citrix Partner Gold Status with the Citrix NetScaler for Datacenter specialization.

My experience from this practicum is already a lot better then the previous one I took (1Y0-A34), well organized and prepared by Citrix Education and Skytap. I would say this practicum is technically a little more challenging then the 1Y0-A34 is, but that could be a matter of opinion, depending on your field/level of expertise or experience.



About Henny Louwers
I work as a IT Architect specialized in Workplaces, Application Delivery solutions with a special interest in Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

6 Responses to (1Y0-A36) Citrix Networking for Data Center Specialist Practicum – Passed

  1. G. Jongeneel says:

    Hi Henny, van harte. Ik wist dat je het in je had!


    • Thanks Gertjan! 🙂


  2. daniel says:

    henny hello, I hope you are well, I’m about to do the 1Y0-A36 exam, maybe you can help me a little more detail on this exam and pass it interests me much.

    I hope to be able to appreciate your help.


    • Dean says:

      Hey Daniel, how did the exam go? I am about to take 1Y0-A36 myself and would appreciate any advice from your experience. Was there anything that you got hung up on or anything you would do differently?

      Thanks in advance,


  3. Mike says:

    I know you get a total of 4 days to complete the exam, but is there a cap placed on total allowed session duration time? Example – only allowing a total duration of connectivity to the lab environment for a maximum of 20 hours over the 4 day period? Thanks a lot, much appreciated!


    • Hey Mike,

      If I am not mistaken there is a 24-hour cap on lab activity. It’s been a while since I took this exam ;-).


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