Working as a Consultant primarily focused on Application Delivery solutions mainly based on Microsoft Infrastructures and Virtualization of Applications, Desktops and Servers.

I spent my time creating solutions for customers to get the most out of their IT Infrastructures and employers. Creating work environments for employers to make sure that their valuable time is spent efficient and productively.

Specialties:Application Delivery, Server Based Computing (Remote Desktop Services) and Virtualization. In my job, I am primarily focused on Application Delivery, Virtualization of Servers, (Windows) Desktops and Apps.

Other fun products that have my in deepest interest are Citrix NetScaler and CloudBridge (Branch Repeater).

I have been awarded with the Citrix SME Award for my active contribution of developing Citrix exams and coursewares. In 2014 also awarded with the VMware vExpert award.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this Blog are my personal views and mine alone, and they may or may not correspond with the public views of my employer or any other persons or legal entities that can be associated with me.